Vinyl Afterlife


Upcycled gifts made from discarded vinyl

Staying green is important to practically everyone. Everyone should try to do what they can. This is us doing just that. What happens to records when they get scratched, warped or broken? That’s right, they go in the trash. Thousands upon thousands all share the same fate. That is where we come in.  

Like the bolt of lightning which reanimated Frankenstein's monster, we breathe new life into old unwanted vinyl, giving them their new, twisted existence. No need to worry though, our product won't become socially alienated, demand that you create a mate for it, kill a small Swiss child and wreak havoc upon an unsuspecting village.

We are not a big company with machines mass producing our products. We are a few people strong and do it all by hand. We try to use as much of the vinyl and sleeves as possible and are constantly testing new ideas to create more fun stuff and to help the planet a little bit at a time.

Remember to do your part. Buy lots of our stuff to keep the landfill clean. Give it to your friends. Give it to your mom. Give it to your friends mom. When vinyl has no more life, its time for Vinyl Afterlife.


Q: What a shame, ruining all those records.

A: That is not a question, but all the records are already being thrown away. We rescue them from landfill death and give them new life.

Q: Do you have coasters of (insert favorite band here)?

A: Maybe. You could ask, but I generally don't take special requests for coasters. Ask me about sketchbooks though.

Q: Do you a have sketchbook of (insert favorite band here)?

A: Maybe. I have piles of album jackets waiting to be made into books. If I have what you are looking for I would love to make it into a book for you. You just might have to wait a couple more days for it.

Q: I don't use my records anymore and would like to have them up-cycled into something I would use. Do you do custom orders?

A: I do. I have done a few custom orders from private collections. Just make darn sure you want to do it. Once it is done there is no turning back. You would also have to ship them to me.

Q: How do you make your coasters and sketchbooks?

A: They are not too hard to experiment with and find out. So, give it a try. See what happens.


If you have questions about pretty much anything, feel free to send me an email. I will get back to you as soon as possible.